Garden Center

We are dedicated to growing products for garden centers and like customers.

What you can expect with Nash Greenhouse as your supplier:

  • A large variety of plants to choose from, helping you give your customers what they want.
  • Top quality plants that can stand up to different weather changes.
  • Reliable and frequent deliveries to your store.
  • A product that is grown cooler, so the early spring weather has less of a chance of hurting the crop.
  • Branded programs with Point-of-Purchase materials to help you sell more product.
  • Friendly and helpful customer service.
  • If you want plants that flower quickly and provide a long season of blooms, choose annuals. These plants are among the most adaptable of garden plants and require little care.

Here at Nash Greenhouse, we grow our annuals longer and cooler. By doing this, we can offer you a product that can better withstand cold weather. We are proud to offer you a large assortment of annual bedding plants. We also grow branded products including Burpee Home Gardens, Simply Beautiful, and Wave Petunias – a signature crop.